storage units

Located at: 11 OAK STREET, SEYMOUR






2.2m x 2.7m



3m x 3.7m



3m x 5.5m



3m x 6.9m



3.5m x 8.5m



Note: Units are Well Lit, and Full Security Camera Surveillance


  • If intending to rent a unit, please contact our office a day prior.
  • Sign-up must be completed in the office.
  • Personal photo identification must be provided upon sign up.
  • Minimum of 1 Month lease term.
  • Direct Deposit payment can be set up which is the preferred method of payment.

Payment and Key System:

  • All units must be paid 2 months in advance.
  • Clients will receive key to entrance gate (This is a security lock & key, key cannot be replicated)
  • Clients must provide their own padlock to storage unit.
  • When client is in arrears a second lock will be fitted to the unit.

Discounts are offered if paying in advance:

  • Clients who pay three months in advance will receive one additional week free.
  • Clients who pay six months in advance will receive two additional weeks free.
  • Clients who pay 12 months in advance will receive five additional weeks free.


Start Up Fees:

  • Two months’ rent in advance
  • Key deposit/bond $100 (Refundable)
  • Administration fee $10 (once off)


Insurance for Clients items stored is the Clients responsibility to organise. Contracts state the landlord takes no responsibility for any loss or damage.

All Applicants information is held with confidentiality and information is for agent and landlord use only.